Friday, September 21, 2001

Just got to work. Found a free parking spot just when I was about to give up hope and cruise into the pay parking. Saved me 5 bucks, so that's good. Am kinda on a tight budget this month what with buying new furniture and paint for my new room. :o)

Had my dancing class last nite. Usual stuff. Finished our Silver level samba and will be doing the Paso Doble next week. Some of the people in the dance school will be going to watch a latin dance competition today. I'm wondering if I should go. I have squash training from 7 to 9 tonite ... the competition starts at 10! Not enough time to go home, shower and change to go watch if I attend training. Arghhh!!! Dilemma!

Fuh ... I'm getting light headed with all this decision making on empty stomach. Will go have my breaky now.

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